Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Tips
Fall Down 7 - Stand Up 8
Fall Down 7 - Stand Up 8

For many of us, Sporting Clays – along with all the other clay target disciplines – is about hitting the target. The “not missing” part – that pretty much applies to all the shooting sports. The problems begin when we miss. Too often, and unfortunately, missing ends up being more than just a problem.  A miss becomes a distraction. A distraction that frustrates and usually discourages. All understandable. These emotions can be temporary, or worse, hang around for a while, predictably creating more missing and lowering scores. Years ago, mining my way to becoming an All American, yours truly has been there, done that. More times than I care to ...

Paragon School of Sporting's Instructor Certification Class
Fall Down 7 - Stand Up 8

"There simply is no better shotgun shooting instructor program - anywhere - at any price" Bob Lockett, Paragon Senior Professional Associate Instructor  "Without a doubt the best coaching and clay target instructor training offered anywhere!" Jeff Allen, Paragon Professional Associate Instructor  Sign Up NOW for the 2018 Paragon Professional Associate Instructor Certification Class Daniel Schindler, Chief InstructorParagon School of Sporting Inc, FounderParagon Chief Examiner, Master Sporting Clays and Wingshooting InstructorGuild of Shooting Instructors (UK)NSCA Level III  Backwoods Quail ClubGeorgetown, ...

Teach a Man to Fish...Paragon Teaching Philosophy for Clay Targets and Wingshooting
Fall Down 7 - Stand Up 8

This IS the Paragon teaching philosophy: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."  Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher and founder of Taoism   XXXXXX We teach you - from the very first lesson forward: How to Break the Targets. How to Self-Correct your Miss. How to Duplicate your Successful Shot - Consistently.  The atmosphere is relaxed and happy. Shooting should be fun, safe, and educational too. Paragon sessions not only build confidence in the shooting box but also teach respect for the game, guns, and targets. The overall experience is both enlightening and ...

Higher Sporting Clays, Trap and Skeet Scores: The Hard Way or The Easier Way
Fall Down 7 - Stand Up 8

It’s common knowledge, we’re all happy when the targets are breaking, and rightfully so. Along with this happiness…many are then mystified by the ongoing absence of any real improvement in their shooting. Understandably…it being our nature…our final score seems to always get the most attention. And why not…score is important, right? Yes, it is. What’s being overlooked, however, is how to build higher scores, consistently.In my 3rd book…”Beyond The Target” …I discuss a skill improvement process called Kaizen. Kaizen being a form of skill progression that emphasizes the gradual but constant, uninterrupted process of ...

Fall Down 7 - Stand Up 8

 If there’s a common denominator in the phone calls we receive regarding instruction, it’s about the same word…consistency. As in, “Why am I not consistent?” The gentleman in Alaska was on the phone asking that question. His being a AA shooter, I could hear his frustration. He knew, correctly, that he was better than his scorecards were showing. After a few minutes of listening, I very politely explained that I knew why he was not consistent. After a bit of silence, he very respectfully said there wasn’t any way I could know that. He went on to say, we’d never met, and to his knowledge, I’d never seen him shoot. AND…he said ...