Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Tips
The X Game
The X Game

Seeing is believing…but not always truthful. If we are missing targets, we would stop and look for the reasons why. Obviously, either in our set-up…or our swing…maybe both…something’s wrong. We already know these targets can be broken…and we aren’t. That we are making errors is obvious. Once the errors are found and corrected, targets begin to break. Predictably. Equally important…when we are breaking targets…are we asking ourselves why the target just broke? Was that X…1) a coincidence or 2) a planned and correctly executed swing? Here’s why I believe we should know if it’s 1) or 2). If it was an ...

When XX Matters
The X Game

There are set-up basics (pre-shot skills) – swing basics (gun management skills) – and scoring basics (performance skills). All are interlocked, very much dependent on the other in purposely building our Sporting Clays (& Trap & Skeet) game on a platform of dependability and confidence. What follows is a favorite topic of mine, previously discussed multiple times from various perspectives. It cannot be stated too many times. It’s a fundamental that can motivate a peak performance in the tournament shooting box. Shell by shell…target by target…this motivation tool is built on the range during training/practice. In my experienced opinion, grasping ...

True North
The X Game

As the Sporting Clays season is about to kick off, here are a few thoughts about how to start our new year, in the right direction. No, not my direction…what might be your best direction. Understandably, and rightfully so, a lot of attention is given to our equipment choices, making those choices a high priority. No arguments here, let’s make good choices. Right after that we’ll begin to polish our shooting, our methods and strategies, signing up for events we wish to attend. This is an intelligent, prudent approach. But is this what’s most important, the first question at the top of our to-do list? Those who climb the ladder to more consistency ...

The X Swing
The X Game

Greetings. Recently there's been some online dialogue about overcomplicating things. In the early chapters of a shooter’s development, it’s understandable to be “adding”…adding methods…changing equipment…etc. This is an exciting time for a new shooter and some reasonable experimenting should be encouraged…maybe a new gun purchase here and there…new chokes…new lenses…new ammunition? In the beginning, fun and entertainment trump complicated. However…as time passes and more and more shot goes down range, eventually, missing gets more and more of our attention. Which leads to some examining. We begin ...

Missing To Win
The X Game

Understandably, missing a target can be a source of disappointment and frustration. No one likes to miss. Maybe it seemed like a failure of some kind? I tried…I missed…I failed. OK, at some time or another, we’ve probably all been there, done that. And…count on this…each of us will miss again. So…if missing is inevitable, and it is…why not give all the negativity a rest? Why not stop beating ourselves up and find something positive, something useful to take away from a miss? Those are good reasons and why I vote we look at missing from another perspective. First, a miss was nothing more than a pre-shot set-up or swing error. Maybe ...